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About our Pads

  • All our Puppy pads are human-grade underpads that are designed to reduce odors, absorb leakages, and maintain dryness. 
  • They are made for effective protection of beds, chairs and furniture from fecal and urinary incontinence in humans, and also puppies, dogs and other pets. 
  • Our pads have been used effectively by adults that suffer from urinary and fecal incontinence, and are now effectively being used as puppy pads for training and maintaining the dignity of your pets.
  • Our pads are made with the same technology, and by the same manufacturers as the puppy pads you see in stores.  
  • They are available in a variety of sizes and absorbency levels designed for light to moderate as well as heavy absorbency. 
  • We know that we can find you the right pads to suit your training needs.
  • Feel free to browse our site, and request your free samples today!!


    Size Guide


    • Extra Small 17"x24" Pads - Available in the following absorbencies: Economy, Moderate, Moderate Plus
    • Small 23"x24" Pads - Available in the following absorbencies: Economy
    • Medium 23"x36" Pads  - Available in the following absorbencies: Economy, Moderate, Moderate Plus, Quilted, Heavy
    • Large 30"x30"  - Available in the following absorbencies: Moderate, Heavy, Ultra Heavy
    • Extra Large 30"x36" - Available in the following absorbencies: Moderate, Heavy
    • XXL 36"x36" - Available in the following absorbencies: Heavy, Quilted


    Absorbency Guide


    • These pads are ideal for those who are looking to buy a large amount of pads for a low price. They are lowest in absorbency compared to our other products, but are available in sizes XS-M. These pads are perfect for dogs that are not left alone for any long periods of time.


    • These pads are more absorbency level than our economy pads. These pads contain some Super Absorbent Polymer and are ideal for short periods of time that your pet is alone, and you need that extra protection.  

    Moderate Plus

    • These pads are a tier above our Moderate Pads in the sense that they have a little more Super Absorbent Polymer which makes them more absorbent. They are available in sizes XS & Medium.


    • The diamond embossed quilted pad design helps control fluid leaks, and makes them more absorbent than our moderate plus, and are comparable to our heavy pads. They are currently available in sizes M & XXL.


    • Our Heavy training pads provide maximum coverage, absorption and protection. They provide extra protection and have a highly absorbent embossed core with Super Absorbent Polymer to lock away wetness and odors. These pads are ideal for dogs that are left unattended for long periods of time, multiple dogs, and incontinence.

    Ultra Heavy

    • This is our most absorbent pad, and it is only available in Large. This pad is designed to lock in fluids and prevent any sort of leak, therefore eliminating your need for multiple pads. These ultra heavy pads are filled with super absorbent, odor eliminating polymer. We recommend this pad for large dogs, and dogs who may have medical conditions, such as diabetes, and incontinence.